Research Tips (Project Topics) in Apparel and Fashion business for university students

Research Tips (Project Topics) in Apparel and Fashion business for university students

This year too I have received many queries from students for suggesting them a good and innovative research topic for their graduation project on apparel and fashion industry like every year. A few of them sent task choices and asked me what type will be the most readily useful. Before, every student want to do an innovative research work but at the same time they want a good grade in the final jury (project assessment) as I have written it.

I’m not mindful much the proceedings in style institutes. There are numerous senior teachers whom are associated with numerous studies. They could guidance you exactly what subject to select for the graduation task. Aside from their recommendations, for my suggestion, continue reading this post if you ask me.

# 1. Mobile software development for genuine time information capturing and reporting for store flooring administration

Now mobile apps are designed for all variety of solutions. You will want to to think of developing a software on information capturing and reporting application for garment factories. Yes there is certainly time that is real for reporting, but those usage Barcode scanning or RFID technology. Small factories are perhaps not enthusiastic about investing in such advanced technology. Alternatively they’ll certainly be delighted them app based and easy to use solution if you can provide.

#2. Effect of slim production within the attire industry

Lean manufacturing in huge subject area and have actually big range to implement in garment industry. You might want to consider doing research on slim task. There are lots of slim tools by applying more than one such tools it is possible to bring real improvement in production areas and then make your sponsors delighted. Whenever you can a show good outcome and a great revenue, there is certainly possibility that you’ll get good grade within the jury. If you’re maybe not interested on topics like utilization of slim tools, do research on which had been the effect of slim in garment production industry – as lean implementation in Indian apparel factories were only available in about ten years ago.

no. 3. Develop manufacturing planning and control tools for little and moderate apparel factories

Having commercial engineering division in factories, many factories have been in a phase of comprehension of production and understand how to optimize manufacturing and effectiveness. Yet still there’s no such simple to use tool for production control and planning. Manufacturing preparation is definitely a crucial area in garment production to start out and complete the purchase on time. In your quest you are able to work with developing such tools. There clearly was a need that is urgent of to be performed with this area.

#5. Reduced amount of interaction space by utilizing smartphone features that are latest in pre-production

All organizations have actually interaction problem inside their factories. There are emailing system, twenty four hours internet access, ERP systems and physical reporting system; nevertheless you will discover large amount of interaction space in between department, in between colleagues. There was the opportunity for where issue lies. Think with this subject. Think as to how the Smartphone may be used for reducing interaction space.

# 6. Automation in sewing division – where in fact the industry is going

Significant automation is completed in sewing operations essay writers service. It is possible to work with comprehending the known reality together with future of automation in apparel production or clothing supply string. Compare the automation in apparel industry along with other companies and find out the unknown solution that could be useful in apparel production.

no. 7. Feasibility research for beginning business that is e-commerce small-size attire manufacturers

Professionals state beginning a business that is e-commerce easier than beginning a real shop or other form of company. There are numerous aspiring business owners, who will be interested to start out an e-commerce company or at least attempting to sell attire items through e-commerce portals. Right right Here the concern is available in brain – exactly just what will be the technique for venturing this type of company? Next what exactly is rate that is success such company for tiny clothing manufacturers? It is possible to focus on this and prepare one feasibility report.


I do not worry about university grade (could be because I’m not in college at this time). We value learning optimum with restricted duration. Within the research study period you’ll get access of several things utilizing the guide of the mentors, and seniors. Therefore make use of the time for learning while doing all of your graduation task. Factories would be the most useful spot for learning than the school workshop.

Wish you good luck for the success in assembling your shed act as well like in everything.

Degrees of training good task concept for any other pupils you share it here.

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