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Have you been sabotaging your relationship and pushing him away (with no knowledge of it)?

Have you been sabotaging your relationship and pushing him away (with no knowledge of it)?

You wouldn’t mess things up together with your man on function, but can you unwittingly be turning him down or pushing him away from you? listed below are eight behaviours to take into consideration

1. You let your insecurities to obtain the better of you

Most of us feel insecure every once in awhile. But in the event that you allow your insecurity control the method that you connect to your man, it may damage your relationship. For example, when you’re down along with your boyfriend and he is noticed by you glancing at an other woman, can you overreact and blow it away from proportion? Josh*, a 32-year-old attorney, claims that their ex would choose that she wasn’t attractive enough for me and accusing me of cheating on her with other girls on him whenever she caught him looking at other women: “She would get really upset with me, telling me. She’d jump for some conclusions that are crazy. Nonetheless it’s in contrast to I became undressing these females with my eyes as well as contemplating making love together with them! I’m simply a guy that is visual. Glancing at other ladies is normal for some guys and perhaps, perfectly benign. My reaction that is ex-girlfriend’s spoke about her absence of believe me along with her very own insecurities. After a while her behavior started to turn me down and caused us to come out of love along with her.”

2. You won’t let perhaps the smallest problems go

You’ve heard the old saying: “Don’t sweat the stuff” that is small. This pertains to relationships too. It hard to forgive your partner for his mistakes, how will you move forward and work towards building a strong and stable relationship if you hold on to slights and find?